Dexter Has All The Elements Of A Good Show

# 10/05/2011 à 11:06 lucus5 (site web)
Dexter is the best show ever! It has all the elements of a good show, chills, horror, comedy, action, suspense. Dexter is a murderer in the midst of this series Dexter DVD , as it only kills bad people, that makes it so nice and really the root of it.

The characters are great! The scenarios are excellent! The exposure setting is perfect! Everything about the show is just awesome Entourage DVD! I can not imagine anyone not like this show! I've seen every episode twice, because you bring something new every time! This show is just brilliant Law and Order DVD ! Keeps U back for more. on the edge of your seat suspense . without knowing what is truley going to happen. Sex And The City DVD

Twist and turns in the show, I recommend to people over the age of 11 years to see. each session left hanging ... in fact each show left hanging wanting more The Simpsons DVD. I hope you go to another session.
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