Dexter To Return To The "Roots" On The 6th Season

# 27/06/2011 à 09:31 lucus5 (site web)
As someone who loves the show Dexter Dexter DVD , however, hated the five seasons of Dexter, Showtime's president the following quote from David Nevins makes me smile Entourage DVD :

"Dexter this season will be somewhat back to Dexter, you've seen in the first round. There is a really interesting history and travel, it will be this year Law and Order DVD . There will be some degree of return to its roots."

Speaking of TV line, Nevins also said that there is more attention than before Deb / Dexter relationship, but also confirmed that there will be a post season Sex And The City DVD , you're bad, but "an interesting story that takes you throughout the season, and is a cast of very interesting, but not only that a person ".

Dexter returns with new episodes in September. Glee DVD
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