Ghost Whisperer is still one of my favorites

# 29/07/2011 à 06:06 pengli
Ghost Whisperer is still one of my favorites, Ghost Whisperer DVDbut it fell on Australian television-radar (for some reason). Thanks to the magic of technology, I have now seen this entire season,True blood DVD and I found it as great as the first season.

My favorite episodes are still in love does not die (in which Melinda is to deal with teenage former and not sure why that shoplifting is a crime), House MD DVDthe woman of his dreams (the dream of sending his mother Melinda is on the eve of surgery But the dream goes by Jim, and he must find a way to help a ghost can not see when Melinda is out of town) and Collector (Melinda encounters another Ghost Whisperer, and he might have some answers on his rounds in the spirit world,
Two and a Half Men DVDbut the information has a price).

Are you sure you pause when you look at the reality of faith in this. And 'good run (although it is always better to see him just before bedtime), and I love the characters and I also like her husband, Jim. All in all, it's so fun to watch the show and I can not wait to download a copy as soon as possible.
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