House, The Best Hospital Show Ever Made!

# 06/06/2011 à 02:30 lucus5 (site web)
The television series "House" is the best hospital show ever made House MD DVD . The cast is amazing and very funny. The protagonist, "House" (Hugh Laurie) is the best choice. It's not often you find a salon where you want the whole cast. This includes even the guests. Nip Tuck DVD

The show is serious when necessary. There is so much fun in many different ways. There is crude humor, sarcastic humor and just plain stupid The Simpsons DVD you laugh kind of funny. It is full of surprises and very interesting. "House" is intelligent, witty and intelligent. It is 100% total entertainment and informative. There are as many appearances on the show. 30 Rock DVD

It's a great show to watch with family. There are many good things to come. Relations that flowering is relaxing to watch. Writing is very creative and eccentric. There are tons of flirting going on between the staff and even patients Dexter DVD . The television series "House" is the best show ever!
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