How to Undo Neck Pain

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In this age of computer keyboards and late-night Web surfing, you may be no stranger to neck pain. Callaway FT-iZ Fairway WoodsSo here's what you do if you want it to get better: strength train.

A new study reveals that toning and strengthening the problem areas may be the best way to keep your neck feeling loose and lovely.callaway ft-iz driver

Oh, My Aching . . .
Neck pain -- technically dubbed trapezius myalgia -- is a common complaint of computer lovers. So Danish researchers recently set out to find a good solution. Callaway FT-9 Driver They assigned 42 office workers with neck pain to one of three different treatments. And after 10 weeks, the strength-training approach won head and shoulders over cardio exercise or health- and stress-management clubsSpecifically, the strength-training exercises consisted of arm rows, upright rows, reverse flys, shoulder elevation, and shoulder abduction. And these specific exercises targeting the neck and shoulders zapped neck pain by a whopping 50 percent.Callaway FT-i Driver

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