It is refreshing to see a TV

# 29/07/2011 à 06:08 pengli
It is refreshing to see a TV that is not written "stoopitt" peopleHouse MD DVD out there in the world. As shown in the last dumby down with their writing so that everyone understands what is happening. True blood DVDIt is insulting and gets really boring for those of us here who already have it all together ... House is one of the most amazing writing program that appeals to intelligent people here. It has a lot of humor and drama and mystery, Ghost Whisperer DVDand it is worth spending an hour of your time watching because you get everything you place on each episode.

There is no formula for each episode, as with the public, but even if you understand how the process works, endings are usually still quite surprising twist that you never see coming.Two and a Half Men DVD

The special features are great, but of course I always want more. Highly Recommended!
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