John Mulaney Loves Law & Order, Looooves It

# 29/07/2011 à 09:34 mytopdvd
Comedian John Mulaney like Law & Order. No - he really likes law and order. Law and Order DVD

And in the last year and a half, thanks to Hulu, I was watching several episodes a day of Unit Special Victims Division.

"Ice-T does not really draw, MI5 DVD said Mulaney office in New York, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, where he writes on Saturday Night Live. "It 'really fascinating to watch. It' been there for like 11 years, but he treats each one as if it was actually his first, in terms of how he is confused." Glee DVD

Ice-T character, Fin Tutuola and NYPD detectives are facing murder sex of each episode, but "they are all super angry and scared every time they hear about a crime," Smallville DVD said Mulaney.

"I mean, you should be, but you can not get used to it after a while '? Each week, the same thing:" This is a monster! " Supernatural DVD And it's like damn, I know I'm crazy, terrible crimes, but this is your day job. I can not believe that it starts so much."

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