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"Scrubs"Scrubs DVD and "Homicide: Life on the Streets" have much in common - they are / were high quality performances in the genre that never had the respect or attention they deserve and have been both displaced and ultimately trapped on a schedule that would make them still undiscovered One Tree Hill DVDby the average viewer. I did not discover this series until it is shown in syndication for several months. "Scrubs" was created after Bill Lawrence visited some friends from college age who are doctors. Listen to stories about the crazy things that took place Sopranos DVDduring his internship, Lawrence was inspired to create a comedy about young interns learn the ropes of his profession in a hospital setting. Since Lawrence used to work in "Spin City", most of the cast members were invited on the show Scrubs The Office DVDover the years.JD - John Dorian - is an insecure, geeky, constant self-analysis of medical intern, the central character of the show. All is said and seen through it. This involves a series of fantastic scenes that occur in almost every episode, which amounted to speculation and imagination of JD daydreams. The format allows equal importance to all three, gives us a greater understanding of their individual problems, and, finally, showTwo And A Half Men DVD how the actors were hard to identify their characters so early. Very funny in places of intense emotion in others and makes excellent use of background music, MOL illustrates perfectly the formula Scrubs.
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