The House Shakes Medical Dramas

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The House Shakes Medical Dramas
Let's face it, who cares about so-called 'reality' TV anymore? Cold Case DVD Hugh Laurie breathes new life into the medical genre with HOUSE M.D, the best show in years. Laurie's brilliant performance combined with a great supporting cast and some impressive celebrity guest stars,
True blood DVD this has quickly become one of my favorite TV shows. Without any signs of slowing down, I hope House will carry on to many more seasons so viewers around the world can tune in to fabulously fresh and original episodes every week. House MD DVD Bryan Singer (X-Men, Superman) handles the material well with a steady hand, shaping the show, while allowing the supporting cast room to breath. The music, pacing, and excellent writing from David Shore make every installment memorable. The DVD has all 22 episodes of the groundbreaking comedy-drama, Two and a Half Men DVD and that's great to have so much to keep fans satisfied. The digital transfer is excellent too. If only other shows would take notes from House, then there would actually be something else to watch on television.
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